voXmi zertifiziert für qualitätvolle Bildung zu globalen Themen

We are pleased that your initiative has been nominated by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research and ADA within the GENE Global Education Award 2020/2021. Thank you for all your efforts in submitting the initiative on behalf of your institutions.  

GENE considered the following aspects while reviewing the initiatives from different parts of Europe: alignment with the Maastricht definition of Global Education (2002) with strong justice focus, interconnectedness between the global and local, highlighting quality that enables learning in other European countries, educational approach, active, participatory and critical role of all involved in the initiative. Moreover, the diverse context of the European countries has been taken into account as well. 

The initiative voXmi School Network will be issued a Certificate of National Recognition for Quality in Global Education.   

GENE was truly pleased by your initiative and its benefits on students, teachers and schools and we encourage you to continue in promoting and strengthening Global Education themes in your future work. 

Thank you one more time for your participation, we wish you all the best in your work and we are looking forward to possible cooperation in future and joining one of our next Award editions! 

With kind regards,
on behalf of GENE

Katarína Kováčová

Global Education Network Europe (GENE)
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