About the voXmi School in the voXmi Network

A voXmi school is a language-friendly school. All languages are equal in the eyes of voXmi and every language is a building block towards a comprehensive language education for learners.

This is how we define voXmi:

  • Valuing and fostering all of the languages used by our students, e.g. their language at home, second languages, foreign languages.
  • A rich offering of language instruction.
  • Carefully planned and accessible lessons that are ‘language-aware’ in all subjects in order to develop the linguistic competences of all students.

In order to achieve these aims, voXmi uses innovative, forward-thinking methods and digital technology, supported by a wide-ranging network that transcends linguistic and geographical boundaries.

The school network voXmi unites and supports schools that are united in their determination to build an inclusive, multi-lingual school environment. Here are the four fundamental aims which define their vision:

4 aims

  1. voXmi –schools hold all languages to be equal in value and consider linguistic diversity to be a treasured resource.
  2. voXmi-schools provide students with a wide range of possibilities to learn languages from and with each other.
  3. voXmi-schools employ ‘language-aware’ teaching and learning strategies in all school subjects to ensure that all lessons are inclusive and accessible.
  4. voXmi-schools take full advantage of the language-learning opportunities resulting from digital media and ideally use them to overcome language barriers and communicate with other young people online.