“Starter kit” for voXmi in primary school

How can language education be promoted comprehensively in elementary school? How can all the children’s languages be part of it? The voXmi Checklist provides the basis for an initial analysis of what is already well established at the school and what is still needed. This checklist is the beginning of the path to voXmi certification. It refers to all important quality areas of schools – including the design of teaching, the culture of coexistence in the school, the cooperation with parents and other partners in the school environment. Five components help to develop concrete measures at the site. They are considered in the tips here on Padlet: Padlet/voXmi starter kit: On the way to becoming a voXmi school.

Theoretical background information and valuable tips on which measures a language-friendly school can take in practice can be found in the presentation by Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman (2020). Concrete examples of language-friendly work in primary schools are the units in the LERI project on Name Inquiry, Identity Texts, Class Language Policy, and Weather Report.

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